Social media: A set of tools that foster interaction, discussion and community, allowing people and businesses to build relationships, share information and promote brands.

Want to launch a presence on Twitter for your company?  Need help setting up a fan page on Facebook?  Or do you want to figure out exactly which social tools (if any) are best for your company?  Here are the social media services I offer:

    • Facebook Strategies
    • Facebook Fan Page Management
    • Facebook Training
    • Twitter Account Creation
    • Twitter Training
    • YouTube Channel Creation
    • YouTube Training
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"We don't have a choice on whether we DO Social Media, The QUESTION is.........
Eric Qualman

50% of Small Businesses Say Lead Generation is Biggest Benefit of Social Networking, [taken from Small Business Marketing Forecast 2010]
Here’s the breakdown of  top benefits of social networking
- 50%: Generating leads
- 45%: Keeping up with the industry
- 44%: Monitoring online conversation
- 38%: Finding vendors/suppliers
While 67% agreed that social media is a good way to increase business.

Need to know...

Using social media marketing is just smart if you’re in business or on a budget. How else could you reach thousands of potential customers all over the globe without having to spend thousands on advertising?

But this new way of marketing can be overwhelming, frustrating, and downright confusing. Here are some of the most common questions my clients ask me about social media marketing:

    • Which sites are essential for social media marketing?

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are the most trafficked social media sites. You don’t have to use all of them, but it’s helpful to have a profile on each one.

    • How can I save time when marketing on social media?

    You can pre-schedule your status updates and use tools that can update multiple social media networks all at once. My favorite free tool for doing this is

    • Which social media site should I spend the most time on?

    Simple, go where your customers are. In the beginning, you will need to experiment with different sites, but the great thing about social media is that you can track exactly where your clicks are coming from, which site is sending you the highest-converting traffic.

    • How often do I need to be on social media to make it succeed?

    You'll have to be realistic about the time you have. It’s much better to be on frequently than it is to put an hour in once a week.

    • Is social media marketing useful for every business?

    Social media marketing is useful for every business that has customers who are using the internet.

    • How can I test out social media to see if it will work for my business?

    The best way to answer this is to "Just jump in and give it a go!" The great thing about social media is there’s no cost and very little time involved in getting it up and running.


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